Sustainable tourism doesn’t have to take the fun out of travelling. The point is to travel with awareness – and to experience! We all love travelling and are interested in other countries, cultures and traditions. Together with a more sensitive awareness for society and the environment, travellers can keep their footprint as small as possible by thinking more sustainably.

For this reason, ARCOTEL Hotels and its guests support projects and activities that create added value!

Give Bees A Chance

ARCOTEL and its guests have been saving the bees since 2015 with the successful initiative Give Bees A Chance.

Every time hotel guests on a stay of two nights or more decline their housekeeping services, a donation is made to a bee charity. The ARCOTEL initiative will continue to support bee conservation projects in Germany and Austria this year.

In the last years ARCOTEL Hotels has donated over 200.000 EUR to different projects to make the bees happy. This year already over 17.000 bee lovers have participated.

Did you know?

One third of our food wouldn’t exist without bees.

Bees communicate the distance and direction of a food source by dancing.

Bees produce about 3 grams of honey over the course of their 4–5 week lifespan.

Statement by Dr. Renate Wimmer

"With our efforts, we are realising sustainability in several steps. Sustainability is very important to me personally, as I am convinced that businesses must accept social responsibility. I am delighted at our success and I thank our guests for their support!"
Dr. Renate Wimmer, owner of the ARCOTEL group.

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