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Vienna is the federal capital of Austria and at the same time one of Austria’s nine federal states. With a population of over 1.8 million, Vienna is Austria’s most populous city. In terms of surface area, it is the biggest city and second biggest municipality in Austria.

Vienna is an international convention and meeting location, with the headquarters of over 30 international organisations such as the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Vienna is just the best! In the international Mercer Study 2015, which compares quality of life using 39 criteria such as political, economic, social and environmental factors in 230 cities worldwide, Vienna took first position for the seventh time in a row.

Getting here by air

Its central location in Europe makes Vienna a real hub, and it offers outstanding transport links to the whole world. You can get to more than 172 destinations from Vienna.

Vienna Airport:  www.viennaairport.com

Getting here by train

You can also get to Vienna easily by train. Both Vienna’s major train stations, the Hauptbahnhof and the Westbahnhof, are centrally located.

ÖBB: www.oebb.at

Public transport

The 5 underground U-Bahn lines, 29 tram and 145 bus lines will get you quickly and reliably to your destination.

Wiener Linien (Vienna transport): www.wienerlinien.at

The app from wien.at

The wien.at Vienna live app. The city in your pocket. Free for Android and iPhone.

Vienna app: www.wien.gv.at/live/app

Your benefits with the Vienna Card

Order at the same time as your reservation

You can also get the Vienna card direct from us in the hotel or order it when you make a reservation.

Vienna Card: shop.wienerlinien.at

In brief

State: Austria
Official language: German
Telephone prefix: +43 1
Population: around 1,8 million
Emergency number (no prefix): 112

Public holidays

School holidays

24.12.2016 - 08.01.2017
06.02.2017 - 11.02.2017
08.04.2017 - 18.04.2017
03.06.2017 - 06.06.2017
01.07.2017 - 03.09.2017
24.12.2017 - 06.01.2018

Special Offers

City Trip

City Trip

2 nights incl. day pass for public transport

Park, Sleep & Eat

Park, Sleep & Eat

Save up to 32% with the additional benefits garage and buffet breakfast



2 nights in the arrival period from Friday to Sunday