A lap of the “Alex” on your bike, a jog through the capital, or just enjoying time-off relaxing in Berlin - there’s sure to be something for everyone!

In the summer, Berlin is a paradise for fresh air activists. Lots of berliners love doing sport before or after work. And the possibilities in the city are near endless. Berlin offers around 30,000 hectares of green space and outdoor locations to catch a breath of fresh air and get a good workout. The selection is huge and a bit crazy, just like berlin itself. From running to cycling to skating but also slacklining, blackminton and bouldering, come and join the action!

Cool Running Berlin

The many running routes around the ARCOTEL Velvet simply invite you to go on an extended run. Did you know that Berlin is Germany’s running capital? One out of every four Berliners regularly puts on their jogging shoes. And every Saturday at 2 p.m., Germany’s largest running meet gets started near the Victory Column in Tiergarten Park. You’ve got to be there! By the way: a morning run before breakfast starting from ARCOTEL John F or ARCOTEL Velvet is the best way to start the day.

Berlin Marathon

Around 40,000 runners take up the challenge every year and tackle the 40.2 km route through the capital. For all Marathon fans: www.bmw-berlin-marathon.com

Cycling in Berlin

About 1,000 kilometres of bicycle routes wind their way through the city, making Berlin easy to explore by bike. This form of sightseeing is becoming increasingly attractive, as large distances are easy to cover in the comfort of the saddle. Few things are more fun than a quick ride through the Tiergarten, Berlin’s great central park, or to one of the many lakes within the city limits. And if it’s history you want, then a tour along the Berlin Wall Trail is the ride of choice. Starting at Schlossplatz in the city centre, twelve cycling routes radiate out to the outer districts to provide an extensive network of bicycle lanes on the city’s side streets. You could ride from Rotes Rathaus via Alexanderplatz and Karl-Marx-Allee, with its interesting architecture, to Lichtenberg and Marzahn. Or follow the “students’ route” from the Free University in idyllic Dahlem to Kreuzberg. This colourful district around Bergmannstraße, Chamissoplatz and Südstern, with its many shops, pubs and cafés, is perfect for exploring by bike.

Skating & Slacklining

Roller skating, inline skating or skateboarding – rolling along on wheels has been a popular form of sportive locomotion for ages. Leisurely tours along the water, more athletic runs, or doing tricks on the board, Berlin is waiting with experience and adventure. Kronprinzessinnenweg, a 4-kilometre long asphalted trail through Grunewald forest alongside the AVUS highway, is especially popular. In Schöneberg, there’s a wonderful 1.5-kilometre long route in Hans Baluschek Park between Südkreuz Station and Priesterweg Station. At Tempelhofer Feld, skaters can do their rounds on the former airport’s runways.

Just tie a line between two trees and go. But what looks so easy is in fact an enormous physical and mental challenge. Still, the balancing act on the wobbly line is fun, fascinating – and potentially addictive. All you have to do is tension a length of flat webbing from tree to tree and the walk can begin. Slacklining has lots of practitioners in Berlin and the many city parks are perfect for an afternoon of fun and excitement.

Blackminton & Bouldering & Forest Parcours

Can’t sleep and looking for some fun at night? Not a problem in Berlin. Blackminton, moonlight bowling and black table tennis were invented for just such an emergency. These “dark” sports are done under blacklight and promise plenty of fun even after sunset. Covered in fluorescent body paint, the players chase after glow-in-the-dark balls (“night speeders”) to an exciting soundtrack of party music as they turn night into day. And it looks cool, too!

Berlin has got it all – except mountains. But you don’t need rocks to go climbing, as the large climbing scene in the city can attest to. And with so many fans, there’s a correspondingly large offer of bouldering halls, outdoor climbing parks and similar facilities to choose from if you’re looking to experience that feeling of freedom.

Here’s a chance to discover Berlin from a whole new perspective at dizzying heights. If you’re looking to live out your Tarzan ambitions, you can do so at the high ropes course of Waldhochseilgarten Jungfernheide or Kletterwald Wuhlheide. Once you’ve put on your harness and received a brief instruction on the safety system, you’ve got a variety of challenging parcours to choose from. Hours of fun and excitement await for the whole family.

Green Berlin

For a quick break in the open air, the Monbijou Park right beside the ARCOTEL Velvet is just perfect. If you want to go for a long walk in the woods, you should definitely visit the Grosser Tiergarten park. It is the green heart of Berlin.

Berlin Wall memorials

History you can touch: At the most famous and last remaining preserved sections of the Berlin Wall, the focus is on history and the division of Berlin.

Information about the Berlin Wallwww.berliner-mauer-gedenkstaette.de

Berlin Victory Column

Berlin from above! The Victory Column with a statue of the goddess Victory is located in the heart of the Tiergarten and is one of the best-known landmarks in the world. Erected in 1873, today it is a popular viewing platform. You have to climb 285 steps before you can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views across the city.

Discover Berlin from above: www.berlin.de/siegessaeule