Our project to help the bees

Bees are the most important pollinators we have, which makes them extremely important for our food supply. As the future survival of bee populations is at great risk, ARCOTEL Hotels responded by launching its Give Bees a Chance initiative in 2015.

On stays of two nights or more, you can opt out of housekeeping services for your room. Simply place the bee door hanger outside your door on the evening before.

The money saved is donated to a fund to support bee conservation projects.

Help us make an important contribution to protect the bees.

Fair trade linens

In addition to bee conservation, we are also committed to sustainability in several areas of the hotel. Your hotel room comes with sustainably sourced bedding and towels made from fair-trade cotton. We hope you feel comfortable with us!

German Institute for Sustainability and Economy

The German Institute for Sustainability and Economy has awarded its “Guaranteed Sustainability 2020” certification to ARCOTEL Velvet in Berlin for investments in the future. Because sustainability is more than green. Economically sustained value creation is a way to ensure ecological and social responsibility in the long term.