Berlin means: Exuberance, creativity and above all, fun! The metropolis offers an incomparable range of entertainment, and will amaze you with a fascinating variety of culture. 

Berlin is hip and cool. Numerous artists and members of the creative community live here. Especially for street artists, Berlin is an enormous playground to which they can add a splash of life and colour. New works of art are created almost every day. Sometimes they pop up overnight and surprise local residents on their way to work.

Tape Over

Another very young artform that is currently the talk of the town is tape art, an offshoot of the street art and graffiti scene. Tape artists work with adhesive tape in different colours and a utility knife to create impressive objects of art like at ARCOTEL Velvet in the heart of Berlin.

TAPE OVER is the name of an international tape art collective founded in 2011 by Robert “ROB” König and Lamia “LaMia” Michna. The two are completely dedicated to tape art and in these past six years have managed to establish the technique in Berlin and internationally, making it an in-demand artform in the public space or for exclusive events. The constantly expanding team has been taping its way through the Berlin in-crowd. A brand-new addition is the design by TAPE OVER artists Joshua Lee and Josephine Bähr to enhance the living room atmosphere of the VELVET 52 Bar at ARCOTEL Velvet.

Musical hits

There are a number of musical hits in the national capital. Every evening, international plays entice numerous patrons into the theatres. You’ll always have the info you need about the musicals on offer at your fingertips on our “Velvet TV” under “Market Place”.

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Chamäleon Theatre

The CHAMÄLEON Theatre in the famous Hackesche Höfe offers enthralling entertainment with their modern variety shows. The CHAMÄLEON stage is renowned for first-rate variety with performance, acrobatics, music and dance. 

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Friedrichstadt Palace

The ARCOTEL Velvet is only a five minute walk from the Friedrichstadt Palace, which is one of Europe’s leading review theatres.

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Me Collectors Room

The Me Collectors Room is a platform for international private art collections in Berlin. On an exhibition area of 1300 m², the Olbricht Collection has their permanent home, with pieces from the Renaissance to the present day.

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New Synagogue

The New Synagogue in Oranienburger Strasse ranks as one of Berlin’s most beautiful buildings. The old Jewish place of worship, which is almost 140 years old, was once the biggest, most important synagogue in Germany.

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