Give Bees a Chance

You do not always need to make big steps to climb the ladder of success – even small steps can be very successful and meaningful. This especially applies to the preservation and conservation of the bee population. Did you know that bees are threatened with extinction? The protection and support of the bee population has become a task we are committed to since 2015 when launching the project "Give Bees A Chance".  Any hotel guest who voluntarily refuses the cleaning of his/her room after two nights will automatically donate for this project. With the sum that ends up in the donation pot, projects for the conservation of the bee population are supported.
Give bees a chance and contribute to the preservation and conservation of bees - participate in our project!

Thank you

We would like to say "thank you" to all our guests, who supported our "Give Bees A Chance" project. We sincerely thank you for your contribution to the protection of bees. Without you – the realization of this project would not be possible. We are proud to have guests like you, caring for bees and their environment and therefore, making a significant contribution. Due to your support and commitment we even collected the most bee stamps of all ARCOTEL Hotels – 151.624 bee stamps in 2018. Thank you!

Statement by Dr. Renate Wimmer

"With our efforts, we are realising sustainability in several steps. Sustainability is very important to me personally, as I am convinced that businesses must accept social responsibility. I am delighted at our success and I thank our guests for their support!" Dr. Renate Wimmer, owner of the ARCOTEL group.

We were awarded by the German Institute for Sustainability & Economics

The ARCOTEL Rubin Hamburg was awarded by the German Institute for Sustainability & Economics in the fields of ecology, economics and social competence. In addition, the hotel received the certification mark for "secured sustainability" in 2018.

Recent projects

You would like to get to know our past and recent projects where we supported the preservation and conservation of bees? Please have a look here. In Hamburg, we recently support the following project:

Flowery fields for wild bees

Next to the honey bee, the wild bee is in need of support, too. Similarly to the honey bee, the population of the wild bee is declining.
We are committed to the protection of wild bees and support the project "flowery fields" of the Deutschen Wildtier Stiftung and the Stiftung Ausgleich Altenwerder.
Wir engagieren uns für den Schutz der Wildbienen und unterstützen das Projekt Blühwiesen von der Deutschen Wildtier Stiftung und der Stiftung Ausgleich Altenwerder. In Wilhelmsburg, a district of Hamburg, flower meadows for the wild bees are being created on 90,000 square meters and we are supporting this project with a donation of 10,000 square meters of flowering meadows. By the end of 2019, the former arable land will be transformed into a species-rich and flowery grassland and we are very proud to be able to make such an important contribution to it!