Murder mystery dinner in Hamburg

It is a genuine experience - here, you won’t just enjoy good food for its own sake. During one of our theatre and dinner events, culinary delights are served up with a side order of exciting entertainment: nerve-tingling and tastebud-tickling!
Experience crime, cuisine and theatre in the ARCOTEL Rubin hotel and leave everyday life behind with fine dining in a stylish setting. Guests receive the whole package: exquisite service and spontaneous staging. The Criminal Dinner - a delicious 4-course menu in a stylish setting, rounded off by a thrilling criminal mystery.

The theatre plays

The mortal legacy
Inspector Watson from Scotland Yard is in urgent need of your support. Help Scotland Yard in resolving the mysterious murder of the eccentric Scottish Lord. The case needs to be passed in review in order to expose the culprit. This can only be realized by readjusting the criminal case. Heaps of fun and thrilling entertainment are guaranteed!
Murder in the sharks-bar in St. Pauli
On the Reeperbahn at night at half past twelve everything and everyone is bustling around – especially at the sharks-bar owned by uncle Hugo and aunt Hermine. People are singing, partying and dancing – here is life and this is where the action is. Next to the roses vendor one can meet a sailor or even an attractive and beautiful lady. But suddenly, the hustle and bustle is blurred – a guest from the sharks-bar had been strangled and the happy atmosphere is destroyed. Luckily, one can rely on the competent commissioner from the Davidwache in Hamburg who is in charge for exposure of the murderer. 
Murder in the brewery
Dietrich Holdmann – a successful general manager of the country's largest brewery had been murdered insidious before reading out his last wills.  Was it a crime out of sheer greed? Was someone jealous? The possible perpetrators can only come from the immediate vicinity of the murdered – suspicious is the victim's snobbish son, but also his daughter fanatically standing up for the rights of women could be the murderer. Even the victim's young fiancée could have a motive for the crime and what about the janitor of the brewery, could he been involved, too?

Murder at the River Elbe
The convivial Knut Assmussen just traveled around the world for the last couple of years and experienced many unforgettable adventures. Now he returned back to Hamburg and is absolutely impatient to tell his Beyoncé all his stories from his travels. But all of sudden, his Beyoncé does not show up to their Café, but the commissioner Louis Sagel does. Now it is your turn to embark on a story full of excitement, jealousy, murder and diamonds! The commissioner Louis Sagel is in urgent need for your help!

Dates & prices

EUR 79.00 per person

The mortal legacy: 08.12.2018
The mortal legacy: 13.12.2018
Murder in the sharks-bar in St. Pauli: 20.12.2018
Murder in the sharks-bar in St. Pauli: 20.01.2019
The mortal legacy: 22.03.2019

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