Hamburg not only has a lot to offer in terms of culture, there are also numerous attractions for families! Spend a fun afternoon at Miniatur Wunderland, watch a children’s theatre together, play a game of bubble ball soccer or make your chocolate dreams come true at Chocoversum. Your children will be thrilled – and you too will be surprised by all that Hamburg has to offer!

Hamburg in miniature

An absolute must in Hamburg is a visit to the world-famous Miniatur Wunderland, Europe’s largest model railway exhibit.
Here it’s just a short walk from Las Vegas to Hamburg. Marvel at a volcanic eruption, discover the more than 150 gondolas gliding through the canals of Venice,
admire the Austrian mountain landscape with ski slopes, skiers and ski lift covering an area of 60 square metres or send a courageous bungee jumper on his jump from
a mobile crane at the push of a button. An experience for the whole family!

Ever play bubble ball soccer?

Bubble ball soccer, the latest trend in recreational sports from Scandinavia, promises fun and good times for all – not just for football fans. Packed into a sort of full-body airbag that is worn like a backpack, with the legs sticking out below the hips, the players line up on the field. Body rolls and somersaults are a part of the game! Fun for the whole family and for all ages from 9 years on up! Who will score the most goals?

Jump yourself happy!

Your kids will flip for joy at the Jump House Hamburg in Hamburg-Stellingen. The more than 120 trampolines in seven different action areas promise a special kind of fun experience for your kids. Jumping, romping, playing, letting off steam – it’s the perfect children’s paradise. Even the walls are lined with trampolines, making for a pure 3D trampoline feeling!

Make your chocolate dreams come true!

Visit the Chocoversum and embark on a 90-minute chocolate tour. Chocolate tasting included! Have you always wanted to create your own chocolate? The chocolate workshop of Chocoversum makes it possible! Here you can make your own bar of chocolate just as you like it and can even take this “happiness to go” home with you after your visit! Who can come up with the most delicious or creative chocolate bar?

Children’s theatre

Hamburg’s theatres offer an attractive programme not just for adults but for kids as well. At the Schmidt Tivoli on the Reeperbahn, the children’s musical Der kleine Störtebeker is a musical pirate’s tale for the whole family, as it tells the story of the pirate Klaus Störtebeker, a legend in northern Germany. The Allee Theater in Hamburg-Altona also has a colourful children’s programme on offer: the new season starts in september 2019.  If you love puppetry, then the Hamburger Puppentheater is the place to go.

Schmidt Tivoli I Der kleine Störtebeker

Allee Theater I New season plan

Hamburger Puppentheater

Hagenbeck Zoo

Calling all animal lovers! The Hagenbeck Zoo welcomed a little newcomer into its family in February 2019: the elephant baby Santosh. Watching him digging holes with his half-brother Raj is one of the cutest things you’ll ever see! The tropical aquarium also got some new residents in March 2019, like the green keel-bellied lizard. All in all, the visit to the tropical aquarium is an absolute highlight – here you can watch Nile crocodiles and, through a huge panoramic window, sharks and rays.

Watching container ships steam in and out

A stay in Hamburg without a trip to the Elbstrand beach? Impossible! Take the ferry number 62 from the St. Pauli Piers to Neumühlen/Övelgönne and walk along the Elbstrand beach. Your children can build sand castles and watch the big container ships pass by. Who can count the most ships and where could they be going? A beach walk in the big city – a unique experience!

Take the HafenCity RiverBus

Not many of us can say they’ve ever ridden on a floating bus. The HafenCity RiverBus is a new generation of amphibious vehicle that can travel through the city streets as well as on the Elbe as a passenger boat. This unforgettable city cruise starts at Brooktorkai 16 in the Speicherstadt district. For memories that will last a lifetime!

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Hamburg in miniature

Hamburg in miniature

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Junior Suite

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