A port city bridging tradition and modernity

Hamburg is a city state in Germany with approximately 1.7 million inhabitants. The city’s port, the largest in Germany, and its location as the headquarters of countless big companies, such as Beiersdorf AG, mean that Hamburg is one of country’s most important industrial hubs.

Culture-lovers also get their money’s worth thanks to the city’s countless museums and more than 60 theatres.

In 2015, the Speicherstadt warehouse district and the neighbouring Kontorhausviertel were declared World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

Getting here by air

Its central location in Europe makes Hamburg a real hub and it offers outstanding transport links to the whole world.

Hamburg Airport: www.hamburg-airport.de

Arriving by train

You can also get to Hamburg easily by train. The Hamburg Hauptbahnhof is the city’s most important railway junction. Serving up to 500,000 travellers a day, it is Deutsche Bahn’s busiest railway station.

For information on trains: www.bahn.de

Public transport

Composed of approximately 30 transport companies the Hamburger Verkehrsbund (Hamburg Transport Federation) has an extensive network of rapid transit, train, bus and boat services throughout Hamburg and the surrounding villages.

Information on public transport: www.hvv.de

The app from hamburg.de

The hamburg.de app. The city in your pocket. Free for Android and iPhone.

Click here for the app: www.hamburg.de/app

Benefits with the Hamburg Card

Order at the same time as your reservation

You can also get the Hamburg Card direct from us in the hotel, or you can order it when you make a reservation.

Order your Hamburg Card here: www.hamburg-tourism.de

In brief

State: Germany
Official language: German
Telephone prefix: +49 40
Inhabitants: approx. 1.7 million
Emergency number (no prefix) 112

Public holidays

School holidays

27.12.2016 - 06.01.2017
06.03.2017 - 17.03.2017
22.05.2017 - 26.06.2017
20.07.2017 - 30.08.2017
16.10.2017 - 27.10.2017
22.12.2017 - 05.01.2018

Special Offers

Family Special

Family Special

2 adults + 2 children under 12

Hamburg in miniature

Hamburg in miniature

3 days of exploring Hamburg incl. a visit at the Miniatur Wunderland

More for less

More for less

You'll be saving from the 2nd night