„Give Bees A Chance" - for our bee friends

ARCOTEL Hotels supports bee projects with the "Give Bees A Chance" campaign. If hotel guests dispense with cleaning their rooms for two or more nights, each hotel donates into a donation pot. From this a variety of valuable bee projects for the conservation of the bee population will be supported.

Thank you

"Once the bee disappears from the earth, humanity has only four years left to live. No more bee, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more humans. " Already in 1949, Albert Einstein knew the importance of bees for our ecosystem.

Bees live in a symbiosis with the plant world. They feed on the nectar of the plants and the plants need the bees as pollinators to increase the plant life. In the ARCOTEL Onyx, our guests always will be updated about the current number of our bee friends.

Thanks to 107,471 bee friends who supported our campaign "Give Bees A Chance" in 2018.

Bee colonies on the hotel roof

6 happy bee colonies can call the ARCOTEL Onyx Hamburg their home. Depending on the season, up to 120,000 bees live on the hotel roof. Our beekeeper Markus Schreiber takes care of the diligent bees. From here they swarm daily and explore the green area around to collect various pollen. The deliciously creamy honey from Paulinchens harvest is available at the hotel.

Statement by Dr. Renate Wimmer

"With our efforts, we are realising sustainability in several steps. Sustainability is very important to me personally, as I am convinced that businesses must accept social responsibility. I am delighted at our success and I thank our guests for their support!" Dr. Renate Wimmer, owner of the ARCOTEL group.

Protected Sustainability - seal of approval 2019

We, the ARCOTEL Onyx Hamburg, have been awarded the seal of approval "Protected Sustainability" by the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics. The independent institute is committed to long-term sustainability. For this it adds value that the areas of ecology, economy and social competence are lived sustainably.

Recent Projects

Flowery meadows for endangered wild bees

Wild bees need our protection. In Germany, there are nearly 600 wild bee species, of which more than half are endangered and listed on the national Red List. Bees are vital for maintaining biodiversity, as their pollination contributes to the reproduction of flowering plants. Not every wild bee can pollinate every flower, so biodiversity is essential.
With their parks, cemeteries, gardens, balconies and other green areas, cities have plenty of potential for flowering meadows in order to secure a varied menu of plants for bees. 

That is why we are sponsoring, for the second year in a row, the German Wildlife Foundation’s wild bee project. The project, which focuses on Germany’s main cities of Hamburg, Munich and Berlin, is working to create species-rich flowering meadows. In Hamburg, that includes former farmland belonging to the Altenwerder Compensation Foundation in the district of Wilhelmsburg as well as land forming part of Ohlsdorf Cemetery Park. We are very proud to be able to make such an important contribution! More information about this project can be found here.