Breakfast in hamburg - the buffet of champions

Breakfast can be seen from different angles: as a necessity, a quick duty or an enjoyable start to the day. We’ll leave it up to you when, where and how you have the first meal of the day. The fact is that breakfast is currently in vogue.

The breakfast trend

Even if you’re not staying at the hotel, you can still experience surprisingly inviting breakfast buffets with regional products and taste your way through the various dishes. As a local, you can mingle with visitors to your city and so enjoy a bit of holiday flair at breakfast time.
Considering the social factor, it is absolutely worth it to meet with friends or family for breakfast. People’s nutritional habits are very different these days, especially among the younger generation, and the varied choice of foods at a breakfast buffet is the best way to let everyone choose their breakfast in line with the motto “everything that your heart desires”.

For early risers and coffee lovers

Enjoy a balanced breakfast, to get your day off to a fresh, dynamic start, with our varied ARCOTEL breakfast buffet in the WIENER BISTRO.

The breakfast buffet in the WIENER BISTRO has everything you could possibly wish for to get your day off to a healthy start. Fresh, regional produce delivers the energy boost you need in the morning. You can look forward to a selection of jams, cheeses and sausage, fresh pastries and delicious baked goods. Top up your vitamin levels with fresh fruit and our muesli station.

Vegan breakfast

In addition to local lactose-free products, you will find a vegan breakfast in our breakfast buffet. These are specially identified for you. You can enjoy our “Baked Beans” every day in our breakfast buffet. The main ingredient is the broad bean or butter bean, cooked in a delicious tomato sauce without addition of any animal products.