An "appetizer" for "ARCOTEL Moments", the anniversary book from the Austrian hotel group. The "main course" is full of information about bees, about the ARCOTEL hotels' ongoing commitment to bee conservation and about the right way to use honey in the kitchen with recipe ideas from the ARCOTEL chefs de cuisine. 

Anniversary Menu in the ARCOTEL Restaurants

Summer salad with quince, pomelo, pink grapefruit and raspberry
Coconut-lime soup with pan-fried shrimps
Salmon trout fillet on potatosotto with chard and honey mead
Glazed duck breast with jerusalem artichoke and honey sauce
Honey parfait with lukewarm damson plums and caramelised walnut



With literally thousands of ways to use honey in the kitchen, it lends itself wonderfully to experimentation: from aperitifs to starters, soups and salads, from fi sh, meat and vegetables to delicious honey-topped desserts. This also explains the enormous popularity that honey enjoys among today’s creative chefs – including both professional masters of the culinary arts as well as the hobby cooks at home.

150 g salmon fillet 2 avocados ½ tbsp. fresh dill, finely chopped Juice from a lime 50 g shallots, very finely diced ½ tbsp. olive oil with lemon ½ bunch fresh coriander, finely chopped Salt, black pepper from the mill 

2 tsp. Dijon mustard 2 tsp. honey 2 tsp. low-fat mayonnaise 100 ml avocado oil Salt, pepper

Cut the salmon and avocados into small cubes. Mix with the dill, lime juice, shallots and olive oil and season with salt, pepper, chili and coriander. For the cream, mix all the ingredients together, making sure to add the honey gradually so that the sauce is not too sweet! Season with salt and pepper to taste, then carefully fold the cream sauce into the salmon and avocado mass. Embellish as desired.


30 years - 30 honey recipes, the anniversary book from ARCOTEL Hotels. ARCOTEL Moments can be purchased from the front office at any ARCOTEL hotel. For each book sold, 3.50 euros will go to the ARCOTEL initiative "Give Bees a Chance",

ARCOTEL honey cake