14 JUN 2018 - 15 JUL 2018

Not only food unites people - the same applies to football! It’s the moment when all of us become national coach, discuss the eligibility of the penalty or insist it was offside. There is collective cheering, mourning, celebrating and singing. Is there anything better than enjoying the World Cup together with an excited crowd?
ARCOTEL Hotels have put together a colorful culinary program so that nothing stands in the way of a mesmerizing World Cup experience. For one thing we know for sure: with a dry throat and an empty stomach, there’s no real cheering. So take a look at our offers and spend an exciting football time with us. We look forward to welcoming you!


Football fever is on! Watch all World Cup matches live at the bar or on our sunny terrace right next to the banks oft he Danube river. Enjoy international tapas and country specific sandwiches while cheering for your favorite team.

Between matches you can prove your talent on a PlayStation 4 – that’s what we call football fever!

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Untere Donaulände 9 | 4020 Linz | Austria
T +43 732 7626-0 | E

ARCOTEL Castellani Salzburg

We're in football fever! Follow all important matches of the World Cup 2018 at our bar and on the terrace and enjoy our World Cup Specials. Even in the game free time it remains exciting - match yourself at table football or at our Playstation 4 with FIFA 2018 and experience the football feeling up close.

GOAL! For the first time Iceland has qualified for a World Cup final – that has to be celebrated! For every goal that Iceland scores, there is a local round of Stiegl 0.3 l on the house!

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Alpenstraße 6 | 5020 Salzburg | Austria
T +43 662 2060-0 | E

ARCOTEL Donauzentrum Vienna

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The Allround No-Worry Package for all football fans: draw your own beer and eat as many hot dogs as you want on all match days from 6.00 – 9.00 p.m. (EUR 25.00 p.p.). Different sausages, buns and sauces are on offer. What else do you need for a perfect World Cup experience?

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Wagramer Straße 83-85 | 1220 Vienna | Austria
T +43 1 2022 333 | E

ARCOTEL Wimberger Vienna

The cozy yet summerly atmosphere of our green courtyard is the ideal setting for memorable World Cup evenings. The kitchen brigade surprises you with a very special 2-course menu consisting oft he national dishes oft he competing teams.

Between matches you can prove your talent on the Xbox (FIFA 18) or tabletop football.

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Neubaugürtel 34-36 | 1070 Vienna | Austria
T +43 1 521 65-0 | E

ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser Vienna

If you want to experience football feeling in the midst of nature and still close to the city, then you are in the right place at ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser. All matches are shown live here on flatscreen TVs, while the kitchen team spoils all fans with culinary delights. Show off your tabletop football skills and have a good time. Cheers!

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Neubaugürtel 34-36 | Vienna | Austria
T +43 1 224 24-0 | E

ARCOTEL John F Berlin

All matches live and in HD – enjoy the World Cup at our TOWN BAR with chilled drinks and Russian specialties. You may also reserve a table at the restaurant FOREIGN AFFAIRS where we serve an international tapas plate.

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Werderscher Markt 11 | 10117 Berlin | Germany
T +49 30 40 50 46-0 | E

ARCOTEL Camino Stuttgart

The BAR SCALA welcomes you to live broadcasts of all World Cup matches. For this occasion the kitchen brigade has created a special Football Burger – 200g of juicy beef in a pretzel-style bun.

Between matches you can prove your talent on the Xbox (FIFA 18) or tabletop football.

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Heilbronner Straße 21 | 70191 Stuttgart | Germany
T +49 711 258 58-0 | E

ARCOTEL Rubin Hamburg

Don’t miss a match with ARCOTEL Rubin! Watch the live broadcast while enjoying our World Cup specials such as currywurst, different burgers or pickled herring sandwiches.

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Steindamm 63 | 20099 Hamburg | Germany
T +49 40 241 929-0 | E