Linz - city of steel on the Danube

Linz is the capital of Upper Austria and also Austria’s third biggest city. Situated on the Danube river, over recent years Linz has developed into an international convention and meeting location. The commercial image of Linz is characterised by manufacturing companies, as a location for major companies such as Voestalpine AG, and the direct logistical connection of the city via a port on the Danube

In 2009, Linz was European City of Culture, and since 2014, Linz has also been a member of the Unesco Creative Cities Network (UCCN) with the aim of maintaining and representing cultural diversity. Events such as the Linzer Klangwolke, the Bruckner Festival, the Ars-Electronica Festival and the film festival Crossing Europa make Linz an internationally recognised centre of culture.