European Capital of Culture in 2009 and a UNESCO City of Media Arts since 2014 – no other city in recent years has made such a spectacular transition from Steel City to City of Culture. Countless cultural offerings are waiting for you, including the Ars Electronica Center, Brucknerhaus, Musiktheater, the biennial SCHÄXPIR theatre festival or the Pflasterspektakel street performance festival.

Museum of the Future - Ars Electronica Center

The Ars Electronica Center continues to inspire a broad audience for the future. In May 2019, the AEC reopened to great interest with a focus on artificial intelligence. Nowhere else can you get an idea of how this technology will affect and influence our daily lives.
Enormously popular are the interactive installations of the Futurelab, where visitors can explore hands-on for themselves, as well as the Machine Learning Studio. The exhibitions are subject to constant rotation. Touching is not only not prohibited here but is expressly allowed.
The new Kids’ Research Laboratory was opened in a second stage of renovations. “It’s amazing to see the girls and boys controlling robots, making music or building Duplo animals, scanning them, and then helping the AI find out what kind of an animal it is,” says Gerfried Stocker, the artistic director of Ars Electronica.

Deep Space 8K

This unique room for high-resolution projections on a 16 by 9 metre surface on wall and floor offers the additional possibility for presenting stereoscopic 3D images, 3D films and interactive 3D real-time graphics. A sophisticated person locating system determines the positions of the people moving in the room. Full body interaction is needed to solve giant puzzles or for hunting fish on the floor projection.

The high-resolution applications also give visitors the opportunity to learn more about the anatomy of the human body. The technical possibilities of Deep Space 8K provide access to a virtual anatomy lecture theatre of the future. Using cinematic rendering, 3D depictions of the human body are carried to a whole new level.

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