Linz - 2009 City of Culture and UNESCO City of Media Arts since 2014. There is scarcely another city where the range of cultural activities has grown so much as Linz. Discover the Bruckner House, the new Musiktheater and much more!

Museum of the Future - Ars Electronica Center

In Linz, the state capital of Upper Austria, Ars Electronica Center wows its visitors with unique exhibitions covering art, technology and science as well as their impact on society and on our daily lives. These are the themes in this interactive museum.

Art technology, society. Since 1979, Ars Electronica has been researching connections and comonalities, causes and effects. The ideas that are dealt with here are innovative, radical and eccentric in the best sense of the world. They influence our routine and our lives every day.

The exhibitions undergo constant change. Touching is not forbidden, but expressly desired. The museum's motto ist: try out, join in and think about it!

The museum of the future deals with crossovers from various directions in art, science and technology. Biotechnology and genetic engineering, neurology, virtual worlds and media art are giving equal standing to form experimental designs in which we can try out how we might interact with our environment and other people tomorrow and what these changes mean for our society.

Ars Electronica offers an extensive methodological toolkit for observing our everyday from a variety of different perspectives – with a focus on participation and interaction with the exhibits.

The exhibitions undergo constant change. Touching is not forbidden, but expressly desired. The museum’s motto is: try out, join in and think about it!

Deep Space 8K

This unique room for high-resolution projections on a 16 by 9 metre surface on wall and floor offers the additional possibility for presenting stereoscopic 3D images, 3D films and interactive 3D real-time graphics. A sophisticated person locating system determines the positions of the people moving in the room. Full body interaction is needed to solve giant puzzles or for hunting fish on the floor projection.

The high-resolution applications also give visitors the opportunity to learn more about the anatomy of the human body. The technical possibilities of Deep Space 8K provide access to a virtual anatomy lecture theatre of the future. Using cinematic rendering, 3D depictions of the human body are carried to a whole new level.

Bruckner House

A wide range of events take place in the Bruckner House, above all classical music performances. An underground access connects the event location to the ARCOTEL Nike. 

All about the Bruckner House & events:

Linz Regional Theatre

Linz Regional Theatre puts on a colourful program including opera, operetta, ballet and theatre in a range of venues including the new Musiktheater.

To the Regional Theatre:

Upper Austria Regional Museum

In the Upper Austria Regional Museum, the focus of the exhibits is on the art of the 20th and 21st centuries. Above all. it presents works by artists with links to Upper Austria.

Discover the Upper Austria Regional Museum:

Linz Klangwolke

The Klangwolke takes place at the start of September every year to mark the start of the Bruckner Festival. The Danube Park in front of the Bruckner House rocks to the sound of an open air concert with modern music, complemented by some visual displays.

Discover the Klangwolke:

Lentos Art Museum

The Lentos Art Museum houses a comprehensive international collection of paintings, sculpture, photography and art objects, making it one of the most important modern art museums in Austria.

Find everything you need to know about the Lentos Museum here: 

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