Hey Honey!

Since spring 2016 the ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser Vienna has taken on 30.000 new workers. Beehives have been installed on the roof of the hotel. The location on what used to be a side arm of the Danube is an ideal habit.

The campaign Give Bees a Chance, launched by ARCOTEL Hotels in 2015 under the personal patronage of the group’s owner Dr. Renate Wimmer, is an initiative to help preserve local bee populations. By the end of 2017, more than 34,185 bee friends had already contributed to a considerable level of donations to support local projects and initiatives engaged in bee protection and conservation.

Bees are at risk, because different deadly factors, such as the combination of a mild winter, wet weather and the use of pesticides endanger the little ones. If you want to do something to help save bees from extinction, you could plant a variety of bee-friendly flowers in your garden or on your balcony, and if you don’t have your own balcony you could try “urban gardening”.

But why are Bees so important for us?
Many flowering plants need the bees to proliferate, and bees need the flowers to get the pollen and nectar. Without bees the harvest would be less than one-half, and fruits and vegetables would be much smaller and have less vitamins.

Here’s how you can pitch in:

If you are staying with us for more than two nights, you can voluntarily skip having the room cleaned. In exchange, we make a contribution.

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