Delights - with and without meat

The restaurant UNO in the ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser combines the two culinary styles “vegan” and “beef” in an exciting new way, and allows these two contradictory concepts meet each other in a duel of delight, in keeping with our concept “vegan vs. beef”. From meals without any animal produce at all, or the finest beef specialities, our kitchen chef and his team provide that special something.

On warm summer days, we’ll be delighted to reserve a table on our Kaiserwasser Terrace for you, with glorious views of the Kaiserwasser.

Imperial Sunday Roast

Does Sunday roast have a tradition with you, too?
Already the smell arouses the memory and anticipation of the wonderful taste. Now that the cold season has begun, gather family and friends around a table in the UNO restaurant. Served with seasonal side dishes and dumplings we offer you a festive food for the whole family - also to take away.

Menu: Viennese soup pot - whole Sunday roast pork incl. side dishes - chocolate brownie

For 4 persons or more 
35,50€ per person, only on Sunday with advanced reservation (48 hours before at the latest).

Table Reservation:
T + 43 1 224 24-866

Family & Friends Table

Family and friends stand for happiness in life. And you can best enjoy this joy at Arcotel Kaiserwasser. Sit down with your family and friends at our table in Kaiserwasser and let all dishes be served on large and small plates and various small bowls in the middle of the table. While you serve all your dishes to your loved ones and try out the delicacies from 3 courses, the chefs themselves ensure even more interaction and carry out the individual preparation steps at the table.
Our Family&Friends menu: Antipasti - grilled chicken with many regional side dishes - Sweets to try out

For groups of 10 or more: EUR 44,50 per person (reservation required)

Table reservation:
T + 43 1 224 24-806