ARCOpulco - Creative Meetings on the "high seas"

Floating meetings and seminars – that’s not possible, or is it? Where? In Vienna “ARCOpulco” by ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser is casting off on the Alte Donau! Meetings on the “high seas” are undoubtedly the summer highlight in 2017.

Season Opening: Spring 2017

A soothing setting with a wonderful lake view that lets tension drain away. The perfect surroundings for a successful seminar or strenuous meeting. So why not plot a completely new course for a change and set sail for new shores.

Cast off from the ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser and seek new creative ideas and innovative approaches on the water. Dr. Martin Mai, who invented and developed the “ARCOpulco” swimming island concept will help you find new perspectives with his stylish electric boats. The boats are environmentally friendly, the platform is made of recycled PET bottles and hemp fibre is used instead of fibre glass.

The “islands” that can accommodate up to 90 guests can be expanded to suit your requirements and are ideal as a special incentive or as a stylish ending to a successful meeting. And once you’ve returned from your expedition on “the high seas” what better place to unwind than on the Kaiserwasser terrace of the Restaurant UNO.