Aperitivo – an Italian after-work tradition by the Danube

The Italians know all about the good life. It was they, after all, who invented the “dolce vita”. With the aperitivo tradition, we’re now bringing a piece of Italy to Vienna’s Kaiserwasser!

Enjoy a relaxed early evening atmosphere with an aperitif and Italian antipasti on the terrace or at the U-ONE Bar of ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser Vienna. Choose from a buffet filled with the sorts of specialities you would expect to find in any Italian bar: freshly sliced prosciutto, assorted cheeses, capers and olives, antipasti veggies, fresh focaccia and other goodies. Best washed down with a little beer, a Hugo, a spumante or a classic Aperol Spritz.

Our  offer
Longdrink + Buffet: EUR 12.00 p.p.

There’s even more entertainment waiting for you every Tuesday in the form of live musical acts. End the evening on a high note with jazz, soul and lounge music, good food and cool drinks.

What is aperitivo?

Most people are familiar with an aperitif as a drink before dinner. So isn’t an aperitivo the same thing? Not really. The word aperitivo encompasses more than just the “before-dinner drink”; it describes the tradition of meeting with friends and colleagues in the evening for a refreshment and a little bite to eat. The art of the aperitivo is especially popular in Milan. Some sources say the aperitivo was invented near here by Gaspare Campari. (Yes, THAT Campari!) It’s interesting to note that aperitivo culture, widespread in northern Italy, is almost completely unheard of in the south.