The interior design of the TOWN BAR is sleek and original and lets the fantastic drinks take centre stage. The spirits section focuses on whiskeys and bourbons. This wide selection is supplemented by international drinks and you will have plenty to discover amongst the classics and the bar’s own innovative concoctions. The lobby connects to the hotel bar and is like our living room for hotel guests and returning Berliners. Let yourself be inspired by the lovingly created drinks menu and experience the amazing atmosphere in between the imposing townhouses of the historic centre of Berlin.

Cocktail of the month

Every month our barkeeper creates a special cocktail for you. At the moment we recommend: 


Parliament Vodka infused with citron | Peychaud’s Bitters | Bitter Lemon


Parliament Vodka infused with citron | Apple Juice | Grenadine


"Vodka for the queen" sings Zarah Leander. The special feature of the Parliament Vodka is the biological refining process where milk is added to the vodka – it’s the only way to make the purity and mildness of the vodka perceptible and you can taste it!

Bar menu

Our extraordinary range of bourbons and whiskeys is perfectly supplemented by classic cocktails and their modern interpretations.

Our menu is the perfect way to continue a pleasant get together in a relaxed atmosphere: the TOWN BAR has warm food and snacks on offer all day long - perfect for a nibble or a more substantial meal.