Small steps, great success


As a company in the hospitality industry, what could be more logical than for ARCOTEL Hotels to help take care of living spaces and habitats. Our Give Bees a Chance campaign is helping to ensure the survival of bee populations, whose habitats are under threat from short-sighted, and in some cases ruthless practices, in the agricultural industry and from increasing volumes of traffic.
For every guest who voluntarily opts out of having their room cleaned, ARCOTEL Hotels donates a lump sum to help save bees. All the money that is collected in this way  will be invested in a bee protection projects.


86.663 Bee lovers have joined in 2018!
  3.229 Bee lovers have joined in 2017!

Did you know?

  • Approximately 80% of all plants depend on bees for their pollination. A meadow full of flowers is like a richly decked table for bees.
  • Approximately 3 kg of nectar are needed to produce 1 kg of honey. To collect sufficient nectar, bees have to travel the equivalent of three times around the world.
  • The wild bees that are so important for the pollination of flowers are in danger of extinction due to the loss of habitat. Only honeybees are bred.

ARCOTEL Sustainability Project

To mark World Environment Day on 5 June 2015, ARCOTEL Hotels has launched the sustainability project "Kleine Schritte, große Erfolge (Small Steps, Great Success)". This focuses on issues and measures that the hotels can tackle themselves together with their staff and also their guests.

Regionalism is a key aspect of sustainability. Locally sourced products - from fruit, vegetables and meat to lemonade, beer, wine and spirits - all help to reduce CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, for many years our hotels have had a strong focus on making efficient use of resources. Waste compactors, aerators on taps and shower heads and high-efficiency toilets to save water, as well as LED energy-saving light bulbs with motion detectors all contribute to protecting the environment.
But the whole is more than the sum of its parts, because in combination with investments it is the many small steps we take that ensure long-term success, be it for health, the environment or the local region.