Gin+Brunch in the Livingroom

02 DEC 2018 | 1 JAN 2019 | 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Is there anything better than spending Sunday in bed? You bet there is! A Sunday Gin+Brunch in the Livingroom Lounge at ARCOTEL Donauzentrum.

The ARCOTEL Donauzentrum Gin+Brunch is a very chilled “eat-to-your-heart’s-content” type of brunch with an absolutely cool vibe. The selection has everything a brunch lover could dream of: warm and cold dishes, traditional and creative fare, sweet treats and savoury cuisine. A unique highlight is the EGG-Yourself station where you can be the chef and make your own favourite egg dish just the way you like it. One thing’s for sure: at the Gin+Brunch, good food and good times are always on the menu.

Price per person EUR 35,00 incl. 1 aperitive per person

Besides the delicious culinary offerings, we’ve also got something truly special waiting for gin lovers. Mix your very own gin and tonic at our do-it-yourself gin bar! Choose your favourite gin, pick the right tonic water to match, and pimp up the whole thing with a selection of different flavours for a ginalicious creation all of your own.

 Price per Gin Tonic EUR 7,90

What do the Queen Mum, Winston Churchill, Humphrey Bogart, John Travolta and J. K. Rowling have in common?

A loyal companion in many situations: gin and tonic. Gin has long been a standard presence in bars around the world, but the traditional juniper berry spirit wasn’t always celebrated as philosophically and detailed as it is today. And so, a relatively quick order that can be prepared with a flick of the wrist became a full-blown hype. 

Where there’s gin, tonic shouldn’t be far away. Here, too, the choice is enormous: from the classic dry tonic water to herb or even flowery and fruity variations. Further garnishes include spices or botanicals. Just add the flavour to the glass and give the whole thing a while to marinate. The most popular additions are juniper berries, cardamom, pink pepper or hibiscus blossoms. More experimental gin drinkers will even try star anise, lavender or allspice.

All the brunch dates at a glance

02 DEC 2018   |   Advent Brunch
01 JAN 2019   |   New Year’s Gin Brunch


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