The Visionary

Company founder Raimund D. Wimmer
A retrospective

The ARCOTEL group of companies was founded in 1989 by Raimund D. Wimmer, and successfully expanded in the following years.

Raimund Wimmer played an active role in all areas of Austrian tourism for more than 25 years: He started his career by training at the Schloss Klessheim Tourism College in Salzburg, then studied Business Administration and Vienna University for Economics and Business Administration, and Economics at Vienna University.
He also held the positions of European Director and International Vice President at the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association (HSMA), was President of the marketing group L’Austria per l’Italia, and board member of the Austria Convention Bureau. In addition, he was Vice President of the round table conference Hotels Austria and spokesman for the 4-start alliance Vienna.

He is the author of a book with the English title “Profit from professional marketing and successful selling in tourism”.