Founded in 1989, the group now includes ten 4-star or 4-star Superior hotels in Austria and Germany - in Berlin, Hamburg, Linz, Stuttgart, Salzburg and Vienna. Since its creation, ARCOTEL has made the leap from a family-led business to a renowned 4-star group, which now ranks among the 50 biggest hotel groups in Germany.



Company founder Raimund D. Wimmer - A retrospective

The ARCOTEL group of companies was founded in 1989 by Raimund D. Wimmer, and successfully expanded in the following years.

Raimund Wimmer played an active role in all areas of Austrian tourism for more than 25 years: He started his career by training at the Schloss Klessheim Tourism College in Salzburg, then studied Business Administration and Vienna University for Economics and Business Administration, and Economics at Vienna University.
He also held the positions of European Director and International Vice President at the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association (HSMA), was President of the marketing group L’Austria per l’Italia, and board member of the Austria Convention Bureau. In addition, he was Vice President of the round table conference Hotels Austria and spokesman for the 4-start alliance Vienna.

He is the author of a book with the English title “Profit from professional marketing and successful selling in tourism”.


It all began in 1989 with the legendary Wimberger Hotel in Vienna. “Let’s go to the Wimberger. There’s always something going on there.” The hotel in Vienna’s 7th district has been a Viennese institution for nearly 150 years, and it is a veritable piece of local history. Opened in 1873 for the Vienna World’s Fair by proprietor and later city councillor Karl Wimberger, the hotel quickly established itself as a meeting place for the Viennese upper crust. The charm and tradition of the old Wimberger lives on at the new ARCOTEL Wimberger, which opened in 1994. Here traditional Vienna still has a home – and the music plays as it did before… 

ARCOTEL Hotels is a family-run business, that always made sure to expand only if continuous growth was assured. One reason for the deliberately slow growth is the creation of a personal story for each new hotel – most recently for the ARCOTEL Donauzentrum in Vienna – before it opens. The story helps the hotel blend into its location and the surroundings as a single whole, so it becomes a constant companion for the guests.


The ARCOTEL name has been a fixture on the hotel scene in Central Europe for 30 years. An explanation of its origin: ARCOTEL is a fusion of ARCus (Latin for “arch”) and (H)OTEL. The name was and to this day remains an expression of the guiding principle we have had from the beginning: to create a link, symbolised by the arch, between the guest and the host in a hotel where all travellers are welcome. It is with the deepest conviction that ARCOTEL Hotels offer “hospitality unlimited” – and have been for already 30 years!