Our Donations

Dear Guests & Saviours of the Bees,

Your support has made an enormous contribution to saving the bee population. In 2015 we launched our ARCOTEL campaign “We Give Bees A Chance”. By opting out of the housekeeping service for your room, we were able to donate € 17,000 to the Austrian charity initiative MUTTER ERDE (“Mother Earth”). The money was used to help fund projects at the following five organisations.

Bee Support: Raising awareness in the schoolyard
Founded by beekeepers Roland Heinzle and Tobias Hundertpfund, Bee Support organises informational projects for local schools with useful tips on keeping bee-friendly school gardens. Bee Support also plans events, sets up bee parks and has bee colonies available for rent. www.bee-support.at

Austrian League for Nature Conservation: United by nature
The Austrian League for Nature Conservation used its donations to realise the project “Natur verbindet” (“United by Nature”). The money was used to create more than 2.5 million square metres of new flowering fields as food for the bees. www.naturverbindet.at

Austrian League for Nature Conservation – Bee hotels for Styria
Thanks to your support, the Styrian chapter of the League for Nature Conservation set up a number of bee hotels as an important shelter for wild bees in the state of Styria. www.naturschutzbundsteiermark.at

Die Umweltberatung – Filling station for bees
Together with young people from Wien Work, Die Umweltberatung set up bee filling stations – a combination of bee nesting space and food plant – in Vienna. Die Umweltberatung plans and builds prototype bee filling stations together with Wien Work. The bee filling stations can be set up at all sorts of places and are just as good on balconies in the city as they are in sunny gardens or public asphalt spaces. www.umweltberatung.at

Natural History Museum Vienna – The genetic diversity of wild bees
A team from the Natural History Museum Vienna is currently researching the genetic diversity of wild bees in Austria. Home to 690 wild bee species, Austria is a hotspot for biodiversity in Central Europe. Still, we know very little about the biodiversity of so-called cryptic species. The aim of the research project is to reveal this hidden diversity by means of DNA barcoding and to gain an insight into the genetic variation of wild bees in the country by comparing various individual bee species. www.nhm-wien.ac.a

ARCOTEL Hotels wishes to thank all of its guests who have made the support of these projects possible. The campaign “We Give Bees A Chance” is being continued in all eleven ARCOTEL hotels and is proving to be an enormous success. Dr. Renate Wimmer, owner of the ARCOTEL Group: “I’m extremely pleased that our campaign is being so enthusiastically supported by you, our guests. With your help, we are making a valuable contribution to saving the bees. I thank you for your support!”
The money collected this year will again be used to help save the bees. Information about the individual organisations supported will be available on this page.