Small steps, great success

In 2015, ARCOTEL Hotels began the sustainability project “Small steps, big successes”. As well as regional specialities from our hotel kitchens, our own herb gardens, or bicycles you can borrow, our guests can also support the successful “Give Bees a Chance” campaign, where we are engaged in preserving the bee population. If guests voluntarily go without having their room cleaned, ARCOTEL Hotels donates a fixed sum towards saving the bees. Around 17,000 Euro collected in 2015 went to the ORF-organisation MUTTER ERDE, or Mother Earth, to support a bee project in Austria. ARCOTEL Hotels will also donate all the money collected in 2016 to an organisation involved in saving the bees. 


Did you know?

Approximately 80% of all plants depend on bees for their pollination. A meadow full of flowers is like a richly decked table for bees.

Approximately 3 kg of nectar are needed to produce 1 kg of honey. To collect sufficient nectar, bees have to travel the equivalent of three times around the world.

The wild bees that are so important for the pollination of flowers are in danger of extinction due to the loss of habitat. Only honeybees are bred.