Holiday Menu

ARCOTEL Castellani Salzburg | Chef de Cuisine Martin Möglinger


Red marinated brook trout

Brook Trout Caviar | Sweet Potato Dollars | Sour Cream | Leaf Lettuce

Ingredients for the fish: 2 brook trout fillets (200 g each) | 500 g salt | 250 g sugar | 0.5 l red beet juice | 0.2 l gin | 10 juniper berries | 5 allspice berries | 6 laurel leaves

Ingredients for the sweet potato dollars: 300 g sweet potatoes | 300 g floury potatoes | 2 egg yolks | salt | pepper | nutmeg | clarified butter | Brook trout caviar

Preparation: Mix together all the ingredients for the fish marinade and let the fillets marinate for 24 hours. Grate and salt both potato types, squeeze out the excess water and let the liquid stand for 5 minutes. Pour off the water and mix the potato starch that settled to the bottom back in with the potatoes. Add the egg yolks and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Form irregularly sized patties and fry in the clarified butter until yellowish-golden. Place one large and one small potato dollar on each plate. Top with a “rose” of 2 to 3 thin cuts of marinated trout and garnish with about one teaspoon of brook trout caviar. Draw a sour cream “trail” between the potato dollars. Complete the plate with leaf lettuce and vinaigrette as desired.


Saddle of local venison

Stone Pine Gravy | Quince Chutney | Black Salsify Purée | Roast Brussels Sprouts

Ingredients for the venison: 700 g saddle of venison, cleaned and prepared | salt | pepper | juniper berries | allspice | coffee beans
Ingredients for the quince chutney: 1 kg quince | 4 shallots | fresh ginger | chilli pepper | cardamom | star anise | white wine vinegar | salt | sugar
Ingredients for the stone pine gravy: Game juices | stone pine cone | stone pine schnapps | juniper berries | allspice | cinnamon | laurel leaves
Ingredients for the black salsify purée: 800 g black salsify | 100 ml milk | 1 onion | 50 g butter | salt | pepper | nutmeg
Ingredients for the Brussels sprouts: 400 g Brussels sprouts | salt | pepper | butter

Preparation: In a pan, lightly brown all the spices for the venison. Crush with mortar and pestle and set aside. Salt the meat, sear on all sides and bake in the oven at 160°C for about 6 minutes. Take out of the oven, wrap in aluminium foil and set aside for about 10 minutes. Before serving, briefly reheat the saddle of venison in a pan with butter and sprinkle with the spice mix.

For the chutney, finely dice the washed, peeled and deseeded quince, sprinkle with salt and sugar, and let stand for one hour before draining the water. Peel and finely dice the shallots and the ginger and sauté in oil until glazed. Add the vinegar, the deseeded and finely diced chilli pepper, all the spices and the quince, and simmer for about 30 minutes. Let stand in the refrigerator overnight.

For the pine gravy, add the spices to the game juices to taste and simmer to reduce until thick. Strain and keep warm. Peel the black salsify and the onions and cut into small pieces. Sauté both in butter, add milk, cook until soft, puree and season to taste. Remove the tough outer leaves from the Brussels sprouts, quickly blanch in hot water, sauté in butter and season to taste.


Castellani’s Quark-Nougat Dumplings

Gingerbread | Mandarin Orange Ice Creams

Ingredients for the dumplings: 500 g quark | 280 g all-purpose flour | 140 g melted butter | 8 to 10 thumb-sized pieces of nougat | 2 egg yolks | 1 whole egg | salt | vanilla | lemon zest | Sugar | bread crumbs | poppy seeds
Ingredients for the gingerbread: 210 g granulated sugar | 4 eggs | 140 g liquid honey | 25 g gingerbread spice | 250 g flour | 1 knife tip baking soda | lemon rind
Ingredients for the mandarin orange ice cream: 500 ml cream | 500 ml milk | 2 to 3 vanilla beans | 6 cl rum | 200 g sugar | 10 egg yolks | 200 g mandarin orange or other fruit pulp of choice

Preparation: Squeeze excess liquid from the quark in a clean cloth. Mix the dry quark with all the other ingredients and chill for about one hour. Divide the batter in 8 to 10 similarly sized portions and use to form the dumplings. Use your thumb to press a hole in the dumplings and insert one piece of nougat into each. Close the dumplings evenly, reshape and cook in simmering water for about 10 minutes. Roll in sugar, butter and bread crumbs or in sugar and poppy seeds as desired and serve warm.

For the gingerbread, stir together the sugar and eggs until frothy, then mix in all the other ingredients. Cut out the desired shapes from the dough, place on a lined baking tray and bake until golden-yellow (about 8 to 10 minutes). Use large chunks as decoration for the dessert plate

For the mandarin orange ice cream, beat the sugar and egg yolks over a water bath until half stiff. Bring the cream, milk, vanilla and rum to the boil. Slowly add both mixtures together. Carefully fold in the fruit and stir for about 30 minutes in an ice cream maker until the desired consistency is reached.