Art & Culture in Salzburg

Living traditions

Art and culture enthusiasts feel right at home in Salzburg! The wide variety of attractions will make your stay a great experience. 

Artisanal crafts have a long tradition in Salzburg. There’s Schliesselberger for tracht bags, and Kirchtag for the matching umbrella. Missing a button? Knopferlmayer will save your favourite coat. Though many artisans in Salzburg have lost the strugg¬le for survival, you’ll still find them here and there – traditional businesses making priceless items carefully crafted by hand. A tour of old town Salzburg with its romantic passages, narrow lanes and magnificent squares is like a journey of discovery. Authentic artisanry is waiting behind woo¬den gates and inconspicuous entrances in the middle of town.

Made in Salzburg - traditional folk costume "Tracht"

The colourful spectrum ranges from garments handed down from generations to modern variants. Tracht manufacturers and shops selling the fashion include traditional tailor shops, specialists in fi ne materials or even young designers creating modern interpretations of traditional forms of dress. Dirndls, Lederhosen and Haferlschuhe are traditional festive costumes worn on special days in the year as well as popular everyday fashions for all sorts of occasions. In the city of Salzburg, Tracht is a part of daily life – and that’s something you can see: people go shopping in Tracht, they go to the market, ride their bikes and visit the theatre in the evening. People wear what they like. Even young people these days see Tracht as dressing smart. The important thing is that it is comfortable and casual, always of good quality.

Getreidegasse 28 - R. F. AZWANGER

The oldest delicatessen store in the festival city of Salzburg has been in operation since 1656. R. F. Azwanger is the place to go for fine goods from all over the world – and the first port of call for gourmets in Salzburg. For exactly 362 years, the “colonial goods trader for wine and delicatessen” has offered a carefully chosen selection of quality spirits, Austrian wine, handmade chocolates, jams, honey, select vinegars and lots more. A special highlight are the 10- to 30-year-old whiskeys, old Madeiras, premium champagnes and cognacs as well as top wines from Italy or France.

Getreidegasse 18a - TEPPICHWEBEREI WEISS

Hand-woven carpets from cotton, linen and sheep wool, as well as traditional rag rugs, have been made at Weiß Carpet Weavers in Getreidegasse since 1843. The shop and workshop are still here today, with old weaving looms that can produce carpets up to 400 cm wide. This magical store is sure to have something for everyone. Linen hand towels, aprons, cushions and padded rag rug slippers with felt soles make for popular souvenirs. Truly original are the fishbone carpets: single-colour sheep’s wool carpets (available in a variety of colours) woven in a fishbone pattern.


One of the last umbrella organisations, Alois Kirchtag’s Parasol and Umbrella Shop has been producing quality umbrellas since 1903 – by hand, of course. Umbrellas, sun shades, wedding parasols – whatever your need, Kirchtag has it in the right size and colour. The product range also includes walking sticks with the desired handle and tip. Hand-made from the tube to the canopy, Kirchtag umbrellas are trusty companions that stay with you for years. And if you ever need a repair, the “umbrella doctor” has the right tools to get a patient back in shape.

Rathausplatz 1 - KNOPFERLMAYER

The name says it all: Knopferlmayer (Knopf = button) has been all about buttons since 1758. Step into Knopferlmayer and you step back in time. Sample buttons are affixed to the outside of countless little boxes, so you can more easily choose the right shape, colour and size. The knowledgeable sales staff can quickly find the right buttons made of horn, gold or mother-of-pearl from the crowded shelves. Once you’ve found what you were looking for, store owner Veronika Mayer is working the cash register to finish your order in person.


The scent of freshly baked bread from Stiftsbäckerei St. Peter has wafted through the narrow lanes of old town Salzburg since the 12th century. That’s when a watercourse was knocked through Mönchsberg hill. A millwheel still turns here in front of the bakery’s entrance. A series of steps lead down into the historic vaulted halls of the former flour mill, where the original wood-fired oven remains in operation to this day. The popular St. Peter natural sourdough bread is proof of good, honest, hand-crafted baking. Tip: Get up early because the coveted loaves are quickly sold out.


The Schliesselberger family has been in the leatherworking business in old town Salzburg since the year 1820. In the past, they offered everything from tanning to production. Today, the company specialises in bespoke belts from adult bovine and calf leather, made- to-measure hip and chain belts, and exclusive Tracht bags and straps. From the little shop, stairs lead up to the first floor where the production takes place. Even the 200-year-old guillotine scissors are still in use. 400 types of leather in all sorts of colours make for plenty of possibilities for beautiful creations.

Getreidegasse 28 – SCHLOSSEREI WIEBER

The Wieber Locksmith’s Shop is a real gem. Hidden behind an unimposing wooden gate in busy Getreidegasse, this metalworking shop has been in business since 1389. A family operation for centuries, father and son Josef and Christian Wieber continue the tradition of creating new gems and restoring old jewels with lots of intuition and artisanal knowledge. Whatever the job – restoring a baroque railing, getting an old lock working again, overhauling a guild sign or renovating a window – the expert hands of the Wieber family give old items a new shine.