Sustainability | Green Travel

Global warming, climate change, natural disasters. Our world is undergoing enormous change. High time to think about how each and every one of us can make their contribution to the environment. Intense media reporting has sensitised us to sustainability, recycling and the importance of buying local products in environmentally friendly packaging or, even better, with no packaging at all. Especially in the industrialised world, there is an increasing awareness for more sustainable and more environmentally friendly ways of living. But are we also as aware during our free time or on our well-deserved holiday? Do we have to leave our environmental conscience at home if we want to travel the world? Sustainable travel is the hottest new trend. Even when travelling to faraway places or on a city break, it’s easy to make your personal contribution to the environment.


At ARCOTEL Hotels, the subject of sustainability when travelling is a constantly evolving process. The Austrian hotel group is gradually assuming more social and ecological responsibility and is making an important contribution to the environment. Step by step, the energy efficiency of all properties was increased through specific modernisation and efficient savings measures. It is fascinating how much energy you can save backstage without the guest noticing any change in comfort.
Some examples from the day-to-day hotel business: All properties have already been switched over to LED lighting. The use of motion sensors, garbage compactors, faucet aerators, low-flush toilets, automated control of kitchen exhaust systems or electronic invoices to reduce paper use also help save the environment. All rooms at the ARCOTEL Camino Stuttgart use fair trade linens. The linens are made using fair production practices with a commitment to ecological and social responsibility.

Green Travel Tips

CERTIFICATION: Look out for environmental certificates and seals from hotel and hospitality associations.
TRANSPORT: Try taking the train, the bus or an electric car instead of driving or flying.
ACCOMMODATION: Using towels more than once saves water. Closing the curtains and switching off the air conditioning saves energy. Turning off the central light switch when leaving your room helps to save electricity.
ACTIVITIES: Hiking and biking are environmentally friendly – and economical – activities during a holiday.
FOOD: Try to buy regional and seasonal foods. Short transport routes help lower energy use and natural resource consumption.
PACKAGING: Opt for unpackaged goods if possible. The planet will thank you for it!

Give Bees a Chance

The campaign Give Bees a Chance, launched by ARCOTEL Hotels under the personal patronage of the group’s owner Dr. Renate Wimmer, is an initiative to help preserve the bee populations. What began as a small pilot project in 2015 has grown into a large population of bee friends! When hotel guests on a stay of two nights or more decline their housekeeping services, ARCOTEL Hotels will make a monetary donation to help save the bees. But ARCOTEL is also taking an active role. The rooftops of the ARCOTEL hotels Camino in Stuttgart, Onyx in Hamburg and Kaiserwasser in Vienna offer “city apartments” for bee populations. Some 30,000 “employees” living in each beehive work together with the ARCOTEL team all summer long.

ARCOTEL Hotels supports the following committed bee conservation projects in Germany:

Die Bienenretter (“The Bee Rescuers”)
Bee rescue kit for schools

Deutschland summt (“Germany is abuzz”)
Planting contest, optimised website

Deutsche Wildtierstiftung (German Wildlife Foundation)
Creation of flowering meadows

German Institute for Sustainability and Economy

The German Institute for Sustainability and Economy has awarded its “Guaranteed Sustainability 2018” certification to ARCOTEL Camino in Stuttgart for investments in the future. Because sustainability is more than green. Economically sustained value creation is a way to ensure ecological and social responsibility in the long term.