Events in Stuttgart

From animation to open air party, from rollercoaster to jazz festival: there´s always something to celebrate in Stuttgart! The new year 2019 brings big concerts, great shows, comedy, sports and lots of festivals. We have selected the current highlights of the next few months, so that your stay in Stuttgart will be a special one.

For those who love musicals

Visiting a musical in Stuttgart is definitely worth it! Internationally successful productions have thrilled audiences at the Stage Apollo Theater and the Stage Palladium Theater for more than 20 years. A journey into the past is what you will experience when visiting Anastasia – the broadway musical,, which has been running in Stuttgart sind the end of 2018. Let yourself be carried away by the secrets oft he Russian tsarist empire and Paris in the 1920s. Since March 2019 there is be a brand new musical in Stuttgart: Disney´s Aladdin, the love story from 1001 Nights! This musical tells the timeless story of Aladdin, the Genie and the three wishes.

For those who love art & culture

Stuttgart has a lot to offer when it comes to art & culture. We chose two interesting exhibitions, which we would like to recommend you.

Fascination sword | 22. of January – 28. of April 2019

Fascination Sword" is the theme of the State Museum's special exhibition which ends on 28th April 2019. King Arthur and Excalibur, or Siegfried and the sword Balmung – swords and their bearers have always given rise to a host of myths and legends. They are at the same time symbols of power, magical weapons and lethal implements. The exhibition traces the cultural history of these legendary weapons and explores the phenomenon of their enduring appeal.

"Wo ist Afrika?" Exhibition | 16. of March 2019 – 15. of March 2020

The exhibition "Wo ist Afrika?" invites you to critically explore and re-evaluate contexts and narratives associated to Linden-Museum Stuttgart’s collection of artefacts from the African continent. The exhibition shows how the collections were established, how they developed over time, and which rules of classification they adhered to. A large part of the objects on display were acquired from Cameroon, the Congo basin, Mozambique, Nigeria and Tanzania between the end of 19th and the first half of the 20th. The exhibition opens up a space of cultural creativity, which allows the visitors to near themselves to a wider understanding of culture.

© Linden-Museum Stuttgart, Gestaltung: Anja Emde

For those who love festivities!

Europe's biggest and best attended spring festival takes place from April, 20th until May, 12th on the Cannstatter Wasen fair grounds in Stuttgart. It offers a wide selection of stalls and confectionery stands, modern and traditional funfair rides and attractions, beer tents and catering stalls which ensure a time full of fun and entertainment. It is definitely worth a visit, especially for families.Our tip: It is family day on every wednesday, enjoy reduced prices and special offers.

© in.Stuttgart / Thomas Niedermüller

Spring Festival