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Three times a year, our event series "KunstZeit – Deine Art und Weise" presents young and talented artists from the region around Stuttgart and the federal state Baden-Württemberg. These artists present their works during an opening vernissage. Combined with live music and a diverse offer of food and beverages this evening becomes a meeting point for art lovers and those aspiring to be. For the following four months until the next vernissage the paintings will be exhibited in our BAR SCALA and also available for purchase.

The next KunstZeit at the ARCOTEL Camino

Time: from 5.30 p.m. at our BAR SCALA

Price per person: EUR 12.50 incl. Spanish fingerfood-buffet,  mineral water, wine from the vineyard Sonnenhof

The Artist & the Vernissage | Benno Zapata

Benno Zapata is 20 years old and likes to be spontaneous and independent. One day he wanted to try out painting and bought canvas and colours. After a big fight he was angry of himself, took his canvas and the colours and started painting. He realized painting makes him feel better and helps to process certain moments in his life. His first painting "self hate" was created. He continued with painting and wants to be a freelance artist one day.
Fitting to his spanish roots we serve tapas and tortilla, as well as wine from the vineyard Sonnenhof and relaxed beats by musician Robsenough.

We are looking forward to your reservations:
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28. March 2019
Benno Zapata | Leinwand + Acryl


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18. July 2019
Dmytro Tryroh | Modedesign


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14. November 2019
Vince Voltage | Fotografie


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