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Our current job vacancies at the ARCOTEL Hotels

Appreciation of our staff also means giving them the opportunity to develop further.

With us, every individual has the chance to go his own way. We offer further training opportunities and encourage expertise and social competence through events organised by the internal ARCOTEL Competence Center.

During the comprehensive ARCOTEL trainings, the staff have the opportunity to swap information throughout the group and meet one another. Our ARCOTEL-wide Competence Center offers courses and training for staff and management, attuned to the respective abilities and needs.

If you would also like to be a part of the ARCOTEL hotel, then we would be happy to receive your application!

Vacant Jobs
Chef de Rang (m/w) ARCOTEL Camino Stuttgart
Commis de Cuisine (m/w) ARCOTEL Camino Stuttgart
Night Auditor (m/w) ARCOTEL Camino Stuttgart
Reservation Agent (m/w) ARCOTEL Camino Stuttgart
Technician (m/w) ARCOTEL Camino Stuttgart
Aushilfe Frühstück (m/w) ARCOTEL John F Berlin
Room Maid/Cleaner (m/w) ARCOTEL John F Berlin
Housekeeping Supervisor (m/w) ARCOTEL John F Berlin
Assistant Executive Housekeeper (m/w) ARCOTEL John F Berlin
Commis de Rang (m/w) ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser Vienna
Restaurant Supervisor (m/w) ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser Vienna
Front Office Agent (m/w) ARCOTEL Moser Verdino Klagenfurt
Front Office Agent (m/w) ARCOTEL Nike Linz
Commis de Cuisine (m/w) ARCOTEL Nike Linz
Commis de Rang (m/w) ARCOTEL Nike Linz
Chef de Rang (m/w) ARCOTEL Nike Linz
Chef de Cuisine (m/w) ARCOTEL Nike Linz
Administration Manager (m/w) ARCOTEL Nike Linz
Front Office Agent (m/w) ARCOTEL Onyx Hamburg
Bar Supervisor (m/w) ARCOTEL Onyx Hamburg
Bartender (m/w) ARCOTEL Onyx Hamburg
Commis de Rang für Teilzeit 25 Stunden (m/w) ARCOTEL Onyx Hamburg
Room Maid/ / Room Boy ARCOTEL Onyx Hamburg
Night Auditor (m/w) ARCOTEL Onyx Hamburg
Bellboy (m/w) ARCOTEL Rubin Hamburg
Front Office Agent (m/w) ARCOTEL Rubin Hamburg
Minibar Checker (m/w) ARCOTEL Rubin Hamburg
Technical Manager (m/w) ARCOTEL Rubin Hamburg
Waiter/Waitress ARCOTEL Rubin Hamburg
Night Auditor (m/w) ARCOTEL Rubin Hamburg
Aushilfe im Frühstücksbereich (m/w) ARCOTEL Velvet Berlin
Chef de Rang (m/w) ARCOTEL Wimberger Vienna
Commis de Rang (m/w) ARCOTEL Wimberger Vienna
HR Administration Manager (m/w) ARCOTEL Wimberger Vienna
Training positions Hotel City
Auszubildende Koch/Köchin für Sommer/Herbst 2015 ARCOTEL Camino Stuttgart
Kochlehrling (m/w) ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser Vienna
Lehrling Restaurantfachmann/-frau ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser Vienna
Lehrling Restaurantfachmann/-frau ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser Vienna
Kochlehrling (m/w) ARCOTEL Nike Linz
Lehrling Restaurantfachmann/-frau ARCOTEL Wimberger Vienna