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ARCOTEL Allegra – a perfect starting point for a city tour

Spend your vacation in Zagreb! Croatian capital offers you a wide array of sites in every season. ARCOTEL Allegra has the perfect location for the discovering of the cultural heritages, shopping points and business meetings. 

Cultural sites in Zagreb

Josip Jelačić square

Josipa Jelačić square is the very centre of Zagreb, situated between Upper and Lower town. This square is famous for being a stage of many performances throughout the year. The middle point is dominated by the statue of the Croatian national hero Ban Josip Jelačić.

Dolac Market

"Dolac" is the biggest and the most popular market in Zagreb, over 100 year old, where you can find typical red parasols and stands with home grown goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat and fish from Adriatic sea. Dolac market is surrounded by many bars and restaurants.

Tkalčićeva street

During the day, especially in the evening, this street is a place to be. You can find many restaurants, bars and coffee shops – all open all night long for your entertainment.

Botanical garden

Botanical garden is the most beautiful green spot in Zagreb. For all nature lovers that are in the search for the rest from stress, noise, daily rush – this park is the perfect destination. It is situated in the very centre of the city and it houses more than 10.000 herbal species from all over the world. ARCOTEL Allegra is just a few minute walk from the botanical garden.

The cathedral

The most important sacral object in Croatia, built in neo-gothic style. In order to protect the property from the robbers, large defence walls and towers have been built around the cathedral. After the Tatars rampage in 12th century, the church has been severely damaged. The renovation that followed lasted for a few centuries. In 20th century, two towers (108 meters high) were built, and the represented the highest building in Croatia at the time. In the treasury one can see various valuable objects dating from 11th – 19th century.

Park Zrinjevac

Park Zrinjevac is one of the most beautiful places in Zagreb. Historical statues, fountains and musical gazebo are to be found scattered on green lawns. Park is surrounded by important objects - Constitutional Court, Archaeological museum, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, all just a few minute walk from ARCOTEL Allegra hotel.

Maksimir ZOO

Maksimir park is the biggest park in Zagreb and one of the first parks in southeast Europe. It is situated near the stadium. It houses the city Zoo, the oldest one in Croatia where one can visit more than 2.200 animals, i.e. over 250 animal species.

Upper town

All major sites and monuments are situated in Upper town. Saint Mark Church is one of the oldest architectural monuments and it is a symbol of Zagreb. Lotrščak tower is considered the best preserved object of urban defence system. Don’t miss the funicular that can save you a climb to the Upper town. This is the funicular with the world shortest route. 

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