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ARCOTEL Hotels - Design

technology & online strategy for hotels

In developing the design and layout of its new online site, the ARCOTEL group is cooperating with the leading online strategist Bookassist.

Bookassist is one of the leading providers of Internet services, booking services and mobile solutions. In this way, the ARCOTEL hotels are able to reach a larger number of customers online than before. Moreover, its unique mobile solution for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Smartphones also allows ARCOTEL to reach customers wherever they are.

The tourism sector needs to take advantage of these new technologies and should also rely on social media to stay close to its customers. ARCOTEL has taken the initiative to make use of these new technologies and methods of Internet-based customer service.

The highly successful cooperation between Bookassist and ARCOTEL enables both companies to remain at the forefront of online hotel business. ARCOTEL expects highest service quality at all times, and Bookassist fully complies with this standard. www.bookassist.com.