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KommRat Raimund D. Wimmer, founder

Company History

From family business to 4-star global player

Since the company was founded in 1989 the Austrian company has gone from being a family-run enterprise to a noted 4-star chain that in Germany is one of the 50 strongest hotel groups in respect of turnover.

Company founder KommRat Raimund D. Wimmer - an obituary

Steady success after 1989 when the ARCOTEL group was founded was overshadowed in 2006 by a tragic event. Its founder, managing director and CEO, Raimund D. Wimmer passed away.

Mr. Wimmer had been active in all areas of tourism for over 25 years. He started his career by training at the college for tourism, Schloss Klessheim in Salzburg, studied business management as a working student at the Vienna University of Business & Economics and economics at the University of Vienna.

He took on the position of European Director and International Vice-President at the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association (HSMA), and for several years was the President of the marketing group L’Austria per L’Italia and managing board member of the Austria Convention Bureau. He was also Vice-President of the Round Table of Conference Hotels Austria and spokesman for the Vienna 4-star Allianz. He is the author of "Winning in Tourism through Professional Marketing and Successful Sales".

Continuing on a course of expansion: five hotel openings

Since February 2007, Manfred Mayer has been CEO of the ARCOTEL Hotel AG, which he was until February 2014. In 2007 he completed the portfolio adjustment.

Four hotels opened in the following two years. Introduction of a 4-star-superior concept for all new hotels. As the only privately run family company ARCOTEL gained an AA rating in Austria’s Investment Ranking in the years 2007 – 2010 and is amongst the six best hotels companies in the country. In Germany in 2007 the company achieved an A rating and the position was held until 2010. In May 2012, followed the fifth hotel ARCOTEL Onyx Hamburg in Germany, the youngest member of the hotel group.

Strengthening of structures: success prevails

In the 2011 Investment Ranking of the twelve leading hotel companies in Austria, ARCOTEL Hotels once again achieved an AA ranking. In Germany it maintained its A rating with an improved points score. In 2012 for the second time the company was ranked among the 50 hotel groups with the highest turnover in Germany according to the AHGZ ranking and the ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser Vienna took third place in Austria in the Amuse Bouche competition between the best apprentices at top hotels – young talent from ARCOTEL hotels even took first place in Vienna.

2013 was the year of special honours: The ARCOTEL Hotels mobile website took one of the top 3 places in the "European Mobile Innovation Award 2013" and Tempo congratulated the ARCOTEL Onyx Hamburg with an award for the "Most Stylish Toilet 2013". In addition, the "Expedia Insiders' Select List" chose our youngest hotel as the best hotel in Germany. The "Certificate of Excellence" from TripAdvisor covered seven ARCOTEL Hotels.